How do we solve the grand challenge?

Our solution directly addresses this grand challenge in public health as follows:

  1. Respond to emerging unusual symptoms (symptom reporting and heat maps) and identify approximate heatmaps of the location of sick individuals.

  2. Respond to spread (encourage citizens to test after exposure, automated alerts to close contacts after positive tests and monitoring of quarantine) to break the chain of infections.

  3. Respond to lack of early knowledge about treatment plans (we gather treatment and outcome info directly from citizens).

  4. Respond to vaccination needs (convey eligibility, track and remind the second dose, support upload of authentic adverse side effects, and create private vaccine credentials).

  5. Respond to the needs of vulnerable populations with paper credentials (monitor equitable deployments, communicate with citizens who are reluctant to engage with overzealous law enforcement).

  6. Respond to socio-economic pressures by making it highly affordable for government and campuses: In a pandemic, it is unclear who should pay for the pandemic response effort. Our free app for citizens is cost-effective.

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