Unique parts of our solution

Our strategy is similar to what some Asian countries used to combat the pandemic with invasive data-rich, decision making, and enforcement. Although, our solution is completely privacy preserved and does not let any data be shared/stored in the raw form. While most public health solutions try to create tools for PHAs and a top-down ‘command and control’ solution, we take the bottom-up approach. We solve the problems in technology, trust, and open innovation. We are inspired by Mozilla, one of the few large-scale consumer-facing open-source software projects focused on privacy.

Our effort is innovative and unique for three reasons.

  1. Tech: Unlike other organizations that use consent and anonymity as a poor substitute for privacy, we use the NoPeek approach developed at MIT. The set of NoPeek algorithms are computationally hard to breach and are being rigorously reviewed with mathematical proofs for cryptographic guarantees. We believe consent and anonymity-based approaches are prone to data security breaches. Governments are unwilling to let private for-profit or non-profit players deploy a solution for their citizens with such security risks.

  2. Trust: Unlike commercial solutions with vendor lock, sensitive health data and guidance require transparent, unbiased, open-source solutions.

  3. Open Innovation: Similar to Mozilla foundation, our open-source software is an open and transparent innovation platform drawing talent and partnerships for growth.

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