The Three Step Process

Our privacy-first data-driven approach can be broadly segregated into three main stages - capture, analyze, and act.

Our technology stack uses the “Capture, Analyze, and Engage” loop.

Capture: (i) background (age, health history, ...) (ii) status (symptoms/tested/vaccinated, non-user data: mobility data, previous disease data, vaccination trends, social media data) and (iii) Activity: (sensor trail e.g. GPS/BlueTooth trail, ..) All using NoPeek protocols to preserve privacy.

Analyze: This module uses federated learning modules without looking at raw, individual citizen data. It uses differential privacy, multi-party computation, and split learning for analysis and prediction. It also utilizes novel methodologies such as GPU accelerated Agent-Based Models and representation learning for multimodal data.

Engage: This module delivers personalized Information (risk score, cases nearby, precautions, ...), test or vaccine credentials, creates nudges, supports gamification, incentivizes safe actions, and makes recommendations specific to each citizen. Receiver privacy is maintained. With NoPeek, the server never discovers what message was shown to any citizen.

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