Our clients and stakeholders are governments and organizations with campuses. Our product is free, open-source software with three components: a privacy-preserving, NoPeek consumer app; server-side components for analytics, prediction, and correlation; along with an engagement platform allowing us to send highly personalized messages. Our business plan, then, is to charge governments and large campuses for customization, professional services, and maintenance. This is the same business plan we have been using over the past year at Pastor Rick Foundation as well, mainly for exposure notification and vaccination solutions.

For the next three years, in year one we would like to build the NoPeek crowdsourcing app and other components. In year two, we want to run AB trials in four pilot sites on four continents. And finally, in year three, we would like to deploy solutions on various campuses with government global partnerships.

We are delighted that we have already confirmed planned pilots in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Alabama in the US, in the country of Nigeria, and in Mumbai, India.

In some scenarios, our supporters are looking for a bottom-up solution because their top-down solutions are not scaling. In Mumbai, they would like to complement current public health efforts. In Alabama, we are interested in doing A/B trials with a research organization and on a major university campus, given they already have our contract risk solution.

Moving forward we will engage with many critical partners in the pandemic ecosystem, such as Pfizer, which remains at the forefront of developing m-RNAvaccine. They were interested in studying with us post-vaccination data coming directly from these crowdsourcing apps. Patients-Like-Me, which is typically used for the terminally ill, would be our partner and we'll be using that platform.

Please find the quotes from different stakeholders in the subsequent sections.

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